About Us
Who are we?  We are normal everyday people that is looking to better ourselves financially.   We are a property stokvel that aims to create collective wealth.  Our members are from every walk of life and this could include professionals, home executives or even retirees. 
Our Mission
We create opportunity where opportunity is lacking.  By working together in a collective we can change the world one property at a time for the benefit of our members.
What makes us special
Company Performance

How does it work?

To find out how it works lets look at what a stokvel is.  With a stockvel there is a group of people pooling money for a specified purpose. If you want to buy a property you would generally go to a bank or another financial institution and apply for a bond.  With the current economic constraints it may be difficult to get a bond for your first property.  If you want to buy a second property it is even more difficult and then you have to worry about tenants and other property related issues.  

How does X-Property fill the gap?  VERY SIMPLE!  Members would join the stockvel and contribute whatever amount they can afford per month.  This money is kept in the stokvel bank account and when there is enough money a property will be bought.  Your ownership would then consist of shares in a company that in turn owns the property.

The property would then be rented out and the profit would be paid out once a year after expenses.

If for whatever reason you want a refund then the stokvel will give you back all your money.  If a property was bought with the money then you can sell your shares to others in the group or you can find another buyer.


Our members are everything!
It doesn't matter how much or how little you invest, because you will always be number one!